6 mai 2021

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i met someone in the sink tonight,

i'm still at the window with a late cigarette that never end, hearing some far away talk

"there's a spider in the bathroom sink, we should move it away. Should i vacumed it ?"

"no way, i'm gonna fix this"

it's like i can feel her everywhere on my skin now, like she knocking at my door so quietly that i could even respond to her. she will come at night, looking for some hot sheet full of sleeping sugar.

i keep hearing sound, dozen of them over the speaker's music. am i making those too, is she even real, or do am i inventing some shit to keep my messy brain busy ? what is behind the spider ? the roomate's problem ? the lonely rose ? the diploma ? all the things in this life? are those only fable that i should somehow forget about ?

is there is something after the story you keep telling all your life ?

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